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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CP cab Other/Not Listed      1
CP 64 MofW Equipment   C Eng. Services Track Evaluation Car - Converted passenger coach4
CP 65 MofW Equipment   C Track Geometry Car4
CP 911 Tank Car M600 MT C Emergency Response training car2
CP TP2530 MofW Equipment     Mark IV Fairmont Tamper L 50' H 12' W=10' 6"1
CP xc13699 MofW Equipment     Ford F250 HeavyDuty Mechanic's truck3
CP 42376 Box Car A332 XL C5227 1
CP 201071 Box Car M190 MWM B4860Load Limit: 1157002
CP 215218 Box Car A332 XL C5219 1
CP 215297 Box Car A332 XL C5219 1
CP 220030 Box Car A605 XP F7789 4
CP 220138 Box Car A605 XP F7789 1
CP 220434 Box Car A605 XP F7789 4
CP 220493 Box Car A605 XP F7789Load Limit: 2067001
CP 304903 Bulkhead Flat F252 FBS F Lt Wt 83400 Ld Lmt 184600 L=65'10"1
CP 315529 Flat Car F226 FMS C Load Limit: 1828001
CP 315585 Flat Car F226 FMS C Stakes added1
CP 315684 Flat Car F226 FMS C Load Limit: 1837001
CP 317366 Bulkhead Flat F453 FBS C  1
CP 317408 Bulkhead Flat F453 FBS C  1
CP 334028 Coil Steel Car E232 GBS B1400 1
CP 334084 Coil Steel Car E232 GBS B Lt Wt 55100 Ld Lmt 2309001
CP 334101 Coil Steel Car E232 GBS B1400 1
CP 334164 Coil Steel Car E232 GBS B Lt Wt 51900 Ld Lmt 2391002
CP 337226 Gondola E735 GBS C3155 1
CP 337470 Gondola E735 GBS C3155 1
CP 337515 Gondola E735 GBS C MoW service1
CP 337619 Gondola     Faded Pac-man multimark1
CP 344245 Gondola     MoW tie service1
CP 355009 Gondola G719 GB C3765Load Limit: 2099001
CP 355044 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355089 Gondola G719 GB C3765 2
CP 355103 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355112 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355130 Gondola G719 GB C3765Load Limit: 2097001
CP 355156 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355158 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355227 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355320 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355328 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355343 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355371 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355375 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355386 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355391 Gondola G719 GB C3765 1
CP 355570 Gondola G719 GB C  1
CP 376055 Gondola J303 GT C4000Tie gon1
CP 376062 Gondola J303 GT C4000Tie loading only1
CP 376063 Gondola J303 GT C4000Tie hopper2
CP 384902 Covered Hopper C113 LO C  1
CP 384910 Covered Hopper C113 LO C4550 1
CP 384996 Covered Hopper C113 LO C4550 1
CP 385159 Covered Hopper C113 LO C4550 1
CP 390009 Covered Hopper C113 LO C4750Lt Wt 62700 Ld Lmt 2233001
CP 390092 Covered Hopper C113 LO B4750 1
CP 390202 Covered Hopper C113 LO B Ex Santa Fe1
CP 390225 Covered Hopper C113 LO B4750 1
CP 400796 Snow Plow M310 MWK B  2
CP 414221 MofW Equipment     "Wall Walker" Ohio locomotive crane7
CP 417074 Gondola M190 MWM B1746Load Limit: 1663002
CP 418504 Flat Car M190 MWM B Wheel transport3
CP 418510 Flat Car M190 MWM B 108 wheel car {100 off-duty}1
CP 419503 Flat Car M190 MWM B 46 axles - 42 sleeping!3
CP 420102 MofW Equipment     Cupola unit is the mid-train cupola in this shot - 1 of 35
CP 420228 MofW Equipment     Welded rail transport leading car1
CP 420229 MofW Equipment     Welded rail transport tail car1
CP 420230 MofW Equipment     Welded rail transport center car1
CP 420231 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420232 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420233 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420234 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420235 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420236 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420237 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420238 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420239 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420240 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420241 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420242 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420243 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420244 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420246 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420247 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420248 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420249 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420250 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420251 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420252 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420253 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420254 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420255 MofW Equipment     CWR Car1
CP 420825 MofW Equipment     Welded rail train threader1
CP 420826 MofW Equipment     Welded rail train threader1
CP 420827 MofW Equipment     Welded rail train threader1
CP 420928 Scale Test Car M350 MS    1
CP 420982 Caboose M930 NE   MoW rail train "transporter"1
CP 421080 Flat Car M150 MWF B Rails mounted for MoW transport Ld Lmt 1845001
CP 421109 MofW Equipment     Flatcar1
CP 421210 Flat Car     Rail transport for MoW critterz1
CP 421374 MofW Equipment     crane boom tender w 4142216

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